7 Day Overview

All the movies in English playing at cinemas in Kyiv (Kiev) for the next 7 days.

Movie/Date Mon, 28 Nov Tue, 29 Nov Wed, 30 Nov Thu, 01 Dec Fri, 02 Dec Sat, 03 Dec Sun, 04 Dec
2:40 PM Zhov 7:30 PM Zhov 2:40 PM Zhov 7:30 PM Zhov 2:35 PM Zhov 7:30 PM Zhov

Cinema Legend

Because of the large amount of information in the table, we had to shorten the names of the cinemas. Below you can see which cinema each shortened title refers to. If you are on a computer, you can also just hover over a showing, and you will get the full name of the cinema.

Feature Legend