Poor Things

She's like nothing you've ever seen.
Science Fiction Romance Comedy
LUX 10:30 Tsum LUX 11:00 Lavin 12:30 Zhov 12:30 Smart 16:45 Block 16:50 Guliv 17:15 Zhov LUX 17:30 Respu LUX 18:00 Lavin 19:20 Smart LUX 20:20 Tsum

Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World

Documentary War
16:45 Block 18:30 River 18:30 Block

Cinemas usually release their schedule every Wednesday or Thursday, and rarely release the schedule more than one week ahead, presumably because they want to see how viewers receive the listings, before adding more showings of movies (or removing some).

Movies are showed with English audio and Ukranian subtitles. The subtitles in Ukranian are required by law, when showing films that do not have Ukranian audio.