No See / No Sin


Slavik is a young Kharkiv ceramist who often works with naked models while creating his sculptures. He is a Pentecostal believer and faces rejection of his work by the religious community to which he belongs. He decides to find out if his art is a sin. He meets several priests of different confessions, artists and the editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine to find out where the moral line is between temptation and creativity. Furthermore, he decides to create a sculpture of a blind girl being blindfolded himself in order "not to be tempted" by the body of the model.

Showtimes in English at Cinemas in Kyiv (Kiev)

Monday, 3 Oct

The movie 'No See / No Sin' is shown in English if it is a movie in English originally - or with English subtitles, if it is NOT a movie with original audio in English.

By law, movies at cinemas in Ukraine cannot be shown without Ukranian subtitles, so if you are looking for movies without subtitles - know that you will not find them.

'No See / No Sin' is currently scheduled to play in English 1 times at 1 different cinemas in Kyiv (Kiev).