Peacekeepers. First Mission


The war in Yugoslavia attracted the attention of the whole world. That's where the first one went in 1992 peacekeeping contingent of Ukraine. But bringing peace and salvation they could not imagine what enemy will have to face.

Showtimes in English at Cinemas in Kyiv (Kiev)

Wednesday, 5 Oct

The movie 'Peacekeepers. First Mission' is shown in English if it is a movie in English originally - or with English subtitles, if it is NOT a movie with original audio in English.

By law, movies at cinemas in Ukraine cannot be shown without Ukranian subtitles, so if you are looking for movies without subtitles - know that you will not find them.

'Peacekeepers. First Mission' is currently scheduled to play in English 1 times at 1 different cinemas in Kyiv (Kiev).